I am a certified yoga instructor who has always been around athletics.  Even as a child, I would tag along to my dad's practices and games as a high school basketball coach.  I've worked with athletes for years, but after a car accident a few years ago, I was left with severe whiplash and bulging disks, and  I wasn't sure if I would be able to continue.  It brought a whole new set of challenges to life, which made me seek out an alternate rehab in addition to working with my physicians, who told me I would not be able to run or step into a gym for 9 months. After working with and training under my instructor, I was released to resume activities at 4 months post accident which was unheard of.  Studying yoga from an injured point of view myself, has given me and extra depth of experience to help others restore their health.   My specialty and passion is working with athletes to gain full mobility and to help them reach their peak potential by focusing on "prehab" rather than "rehab" as Tom Brady says.  My techniques will greatly improve their flexibility and will help restore their muscles quickly  after intense workouts.  In return, you will see the increase in speed and strength!  I gear my training to be sport specific and either train small groups out of my home studio or bring my studio to your training facility.  While there are many intimidations and stigmas associated with yoga,  there are also many health and athletic benefits.  I'd love the opportunity to educate and incorporate yoga into your training.   

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