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I have had the privilege of working with several coaches, doctors and athletes.

Please contact me if you want to be connected with any of these outstanding professionals.

Here is what a few of them have to say...


Dezmen Southward

Carolina Panther's safety/nickleback

Kara is amazing to work with, she really tailors her time to your specific needs.  After just one session, I felt a huge difference in my body and movements on the field.  Working with her has been a game changer.  Wish I had found her earlier in my career.
— Dezmen Southward


Eugene Robinson

Former NFL safety

Color analyst for the Charlotte Panther's radio network

Co-Host of NBC's Charlotte Today

Charlotte Christian Coach

I didn’t know that Yoga would benefit our track athletes as much as it did until I looked at their individual results.  Outstanding!  My entire team improved dramatically.  Thank you immensely Coach Kara.
— Sincerely,  Coach Rob (Eugene Robinson) 

Ryan Cruthers Photo 4.jpg

Ryan Cruthers

Owner of Charlotte Rush Hockey, USPHL

Head Coach of Corpus Christi IceRays Hockey, NAHL

Kara has been vital to the success of our organization over the last few years. Each year we have increased our time with her due to the increased positive performance of our players. Kara has not only helped in injury prevention and increased flexibility but she has given our players relaxation and confidence mentally and physically. The Charlotte Rush would not have the amount of success we have had if it was not for Kara. Our players and staff greatly appreciate her involvement.
— Ryan Cruthers

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Kara does an outstanding job with her yoga sessions for our organization.  We teach our players to practice and train at an elite level and her sessions fit right in line with this process.  Kara has great command over all our players (ages 11-18) and maximizes what each get out of her sessions. We stress injury prevention, recovery, and flexibility as key components to maximize your body’s capabilities during games and practices.  The best part of Kara’s sessions is that our players see the value and results in them. I would recommend Kara working with any youth, college, or professional sports organization.
— Keith Rowe - Thunder AAA Hockey - Director of Hockey

brendan logan 4.jpg

Brendan Logan

Aurora University Hockey, NCAA Division III

I have been working with Kara the past three summers developing my flexibility and overall strengthening my body to be at the top of my game. Yoga with Kara has improved my skating ability as a whole and given my body a better range of motion allowing me to develop my strength during the off-season as well as recover. Yoga with Kara has been a key component to my success on the ice at the college level .

chuck hipple 4.jpg

Chuck Hipple

Founder of the world renowned Hipple Acupuncture, Charlotte, NC

I have known Kara for years now. She came to me first as one of my most challenging medical cases to treat. Her dedication to overcoming health issues and injuries has been fun to watch. She has the gift of translating her healing to help rehabilitate athletes. I believe yoga and positive meditation could prevent 90% of the injuries today. It’s really simple, when you get the all muscles and tendons to release around a joint, you will not injure that muscle when it gets pushed in an awkward position or it has to have a quick explosive action. I encourage all of my patients to participate in yoga and Kara is one of the best teachers out there.

Mike schmitt Doctor of chiropractic

With over 20 years of experience working with patients of all backgrounds, I’m certain of one thing: Anyone who can increase their flexibility and core strength can maximize their potential to perform! Maximizing your potential to perform with flexibility and core strength decreases your potential for injury and can make the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete. If you are injured, you are NOT IN THE GAME. If you are NOT IN THE GAME, then all your practice and drive to succeed has been put on hold. Stay in the game! Kara McConaghy understands what it’s like to be injured first hand. Kara’s recovery time was greatly accelerated vs. the average patient because of her knowledge regarding maximizing flexibility and core strength. Kara will maximize your performance and keep you in the game by reducing your injury potential and increasing you recovery time if you become injured!
— Mike Schmitt, DC